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Boost your business performance with customized financial strategies. We provide a full range of outsourced CFO services designed to drive growth, improve profitability and ensure long-term financial success.

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Outsourced CFO Services to Guide Your
Financial Strategy

Whether you’re scaling up or streamlining operations, our outsourced CFO services help navigate the complexities of business finance. We help professional services firms and small business owners achieve business growth and success with financial planning, risk management, strategic decision making, and cash flow optimization solutions.

1-on-1 CFO Coaching

Holding Your Team Accountable for its Performance

We assess your current business position, your future aspirations and the existing gap to create a strategic business improvement plan for execution by your management team. Our outsourced CFO services will continuously monitor this plan against key success factors and KPIs to identify growth opportunities and make recommendations to mitigate any risks.

Data Driven Financial Mastery

Strategic Decision Making Powered by Data

Unveil hidden patterns and trends within your financial and operational data. Our outsourced CFO services transform data into financial success ensuring that every decision you make is backed by robust financial data and analysis.

Proactive Cash Flow Monitoring

Protecting the Lifeblood of Your Business

Leverage advanced cash flow forecasting tools to proactively manage your working capital. Our outsourced CFO services continuously monitor current cash levels, predict future expenditure and make recommendations to optimize your cash collection and manage payments thereby effectively addressing any working capital shortfalls.

Strategic Financial Roadmap

Expert Budgeting for Financial Control

Improve your financial health by creating an annual budget tailored to your business. Our outsourced CFO services allows for smarter, more informed decision making by measuring actual performance against budget and providing detailed explanations for any variances ensuring you stay in control of your financial journey.

Transforming Numbers into Actionable Strategies with Outsourced CFO Services

At CFO Lifeline, we love working with growing businesses to help them understand the story behind their numbers. Our outsourced CFO services help professional service firms and small business owners bridge the gap between their numbers and business strategy for informed, growth-focused decisions.

Hear from our satisfied clients

Transitioning from Sage 50 to a cloud accounting system was made seamless by CFO Lifeline. They tackled our backlog of bookkeeping, prepared all the necessary documents for a smooth audit, and now serve as our remote CFO. Their timely monthly financial statements and profitability reports enable us to make data-driven decisions.

Patrice Wallace

Coloured Fin

Working with CFO Lifeline was a huge turning point for our business. Prior to their involvement, we were using a manual desktop-based bookkeeping system, which was a headache to manage. But CFO Lifeline made the shift to a digital, cloud-based system really smooth and easy for us. Now, our financial records are always up-to-date and easy to understand. We can see our financial situation clearly at any time, which helps us make quick, smart decisions for our business. It's been a relief and a big help to have their team handle the complicated stuff, so we can focus more on growing our business.

Dave Jacob

Green Engineering

As a startup law firm, CFO Lifeline was instrumental in setting up our accounting software and maintaining accurate records for tax and decision-making purposes. Their guidance in cash flow management and service pricing was invaluable. We're grateful for their clear, non-technical communication, helping us understand our operational break-even point and price our services effectively.

Dale Montrose

Victorem Law Chambers

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